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Learn & discover with us! Enjoy spending family time outdoors exploring Chew Gardens greenhouse and display gardens + shopping for new plants and flowers near Des Moines Iowa!

Today, Chew Gardens is beginning an effort to establish and operate a greenhouse accompanied by display garden areas arranged to accent the beauty of the proposed existing Iowa Landscape, located on a suitable location in Dallas Center, Iowa.
Only through the generosity of people who continue supporting the gardens annual fund makes it possible for Chew Gardens to obtain an opportunity to advance and position itself as a resource for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy, discover, and share knowledge about plants and their environment in order to preserve, protect, and promote the role of plants in our world.
Chew Gardens is deeply grateful for every contribution and invites you to give support to the annual fund through our online form at Chew

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We provide customers with a broad plant range comprised from many new introductions, re-introductions, and rare or unusual garden-worthy plants, shrubs, and trees every year.

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