You’re welcome! I am very grateful that you visited my page. Sit down comfortably Keep yours a cup of tea with all shades of the orchestra..

Who I am? My name is Oleksandr Levchuk. I will not lie as if I am a professional who has written a million tracks. And you will be successful if you use them. No. I only 24-year-old composer from Ukraine. My journey into the world of music began recently. But that doesn’t stop me from writing masterpieces, albeit small ones. By the way. Regarding work. I use the best music libraries in the world(Stradivari violin samples, or Yamaha CFX Grand samples etc). And if, the sound is not enough .. There is recording live instruments.. My biography. In short is sad and dramatic as many songs in this profile. You can imagine it.. But I’m not calling for that. I warned you, anyway..

What can you find here? What music will appear here?

At the entrance it was written “Emotional Wizard Orchestra”. Most if not all music will fit this title.. Exceptions are only epic songs (As well Trailer Music), but even in it you will find all three. That is, I am learning to write music for an orchestra. So sorry, here you will not find: Corporate Motivational for Corporate Motivational Inspiring in Corporate Motivational and etc.. There will be a lot of music in the spirit of John Williams and the guys from Two Steps From Hell in the future. It will not be boring.

How can you help me? Yeas! It’s you! That you sit in front of the screen and read this words..

Although I am infinitely grateful to everyone who bought my music. It is not necessary to buy it to help me. I don’t like to guess. Especially when it comes to writing music. So. My listener and reader, I need feedback. Any things and anytime. Any wishes or dreams.. You just heard my music. If it’s not difficult for you, share your thoughts. What is missing in music? Maybe it is too short, or too creepy .. I am happy to hear everyone!

Let’s create musical history!

Where to write? Here is a link email..

Something needs to change in the songs(Change play duration, tempo, mood)?

I will say.. Why not. I will be happy to rewrite the music. Most of my works are in rather short versions. It’s just not profitable for me to guess what orchestration should be for your project. So. Email me what kind of work you need in the long version. And what else do you need..

Thank you for your time and feedback! I wish everyone good health and good luck!

P/S – You can leave an empty cup on the coffee table..


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