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Welcome to Future Sounds profile page. Check out all the music that is available. There is quite a variation of styles to choose from. Some of the styles include:

>>> Cinematic

>>> Motivational

>>> Hip Hop

>>> POP

>>> Club/Dance

Hope you enjoy what is available.

The music can be used for productions such as motivational and training videos, Product and promotional videos, Radio, Video games and TV programmes and film.

All productions have been professionally recorded and mixed in high quality so you get the best sound.

Experienced in making music for vocal artists TV programmes and Radio, Future Sounds will have the music you need. Whether you need a cool club bass driven track for a cool new product. Or you need a Cinematic/Dramatic piece for a video game trailor or film then we have the music for you. With over 7 years experience in music production and a great attention to detail, There’s no need to look anywhere else.

We are located in Liverpool in the UK. We have a widespread customer database with very happy customers. So take a look at what is available and thank you for taking the time to check our profile page.

PS. Video Hive authors are very welcome to use my music on your creative projects. Just let me know first :)

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