I’m a full time composer, arranger and pianist based in Germany. Here you will find handcrafted, and carefully composed and performed music at its best. My music is licensed daily, for projects all around the globe. Recent credits include LG, Intel, Doritos, Sony, Canon, SIXT, NBC Sports, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and many many more!

If you search for a certain type of music check out my collections as posted below! Also don’t miss to check out my music packs, which feature the best tracks of mine, but at a highly discounted rate: click HERE for discounted packs!

As for the very low prices I’m selling my music at, it would be a cool gesture, if you would credit me within your project’s credits/description; best with my audiojungle pseudonym ‘FredlMusic’, or ‘FredlMusicProduction’. Of course this isn’t a must, but I would appreciate it a lot, simply as proper credits are helping me profoundly to keep my work portfolio and my fan-base growing and alive – which on the other hand gives me even more power and motivation to write new, fantastic tracks for audiojungle! Additionally to that, I use to share the favourite placements of my music here on my profile!

Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy my music, since I’m always trying to update new tracks consistently. By the way; I’d love to see and hear how you’ve used my music in your projects, feel free to send me links etc. =)

My music in action!

(scroll on image – “left click”, OR “right click – ‘open in new tab’” to open video)

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...and here are the corresponding music tracks:
  1. Spinning Ballerina (Funny Doctor Scene)
  2. Romantic Dinner 2 (Dinner Scene)
  3. Welcome To Mexico (Fighter Docu Scene)
  4. Romantic Dinner 1 (Doritos Ad Scene)
  5. Piano Blues (Sony Ad Scene)
  6. Beautiful (Robot Film Scene)
  7. Sad Piano (Funny Taxi Scene)
  8. Beauty Of Earth (Disabled People Ad)

Videohive Projects

Videohive authors – you are more than welcome to use any of my tracks in your videohive projects! Would be great if you put a link to my music in the item description, if you shoot me a message I would then add a link to your videohive project as well. Here are some amazing videohive items with my music featured:

Freelance Services

  • Want originally composed music at its highest quality just for your project, and this for a reasonable price? (original music for Film/TV/Video-Games etc.)
  • Looking for changes in already existing music tracks?
  • Looking for license(s) for a cheaper price, or a customized, special/bigger music package – perfectly fitting to your projects needs? (of course you will always get a properly-prepared/signed licensation-contract)
  • Write to FredlMusic(at)

Edit from 8th of January, 2017: I finally reached the 1000 sale mark. Thanks buyers for your amazing support through the years, you make me happy!!

Edit from 5th of December 2017: Woow – going beyond the 1500 sales mark! Let’s keep it going!

Edit from 13th of October 2018: finally reached the 2000 sales – with an additional number of 500 sales in less than a year!!! THANK YOU!!

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