Which of the following resonate with you the most?

A music track must:

- Connect so well as if it’s created especially for your project.

- Have intuitive editing points, so you don’t have to cut halfway through.

- Capture immediate attention from the start to carry on to the finish.

- Have a dynamic volume range, so it does not bore the audience.

- Boost the core emotion of the project, so the audience is more engaged.

- Be unique, so it makes your project stand out from the crowd.

These features build a successful music track that captures the attention of the audience. As I’ve worked with these features as principles, my job is to take care of the music aspect of your business.

I’ve been informed from my respected customers that before they’ve discovered Epikton, searching for the right music track for their project was not only time consuming, but they rarely found it, out of an ocean of unknown producers.

By building trust over time and having strict work principles, I hope to connect with your business and help it succeed.

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Who is Epikton?

Epikton, a Turkish composer who produce epic music to connect with his audience. For him, music is a powerful commodity and means of expression, and with his work, he seeks to push the limits of this vein of expression and create music that makes others feel and experience emotion in deeper and more exciting ways.

Currently, his work can be found across most major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and, SoundCloud. He invites anyone interested to have a listen, and go on his musical journey with him. Learn more about Epikton’s story at artist page

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