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Audio solutions for your business.


Welcome! We offer exclusive audio content that suits a large selection of applications and media. Every item in our portfolio is hand crafted with love and care based on more than 15+ years experience in music production.

Why buy from Us?

Our items created exclusively for Envato Market with the “royalty free” idea in mind. It means all our music is very simple to use! No “Content ID” protected or registered in any “PRO” (Performing Rights Organizations). When you buy our content you can be sure that no additional steps are required. Just buy and you’re ready to go!

Our music is professionally mastered and tested on different sets of speakers including mobile devices and smartphones. This means that all customers will get the same experience with your every project.

In 2017 We’ll start to update all our items to include 30-seconds, 60-seconds and loop versions into the download package. We value your time and understand how important to quickly find audio of a specific length. This will help you to match our music to most popular time formats such as tv commercials, short presentations and more. With loop version you can seamlessly repeat the song as many times as you like and match it to a project of any length.

We provide support for every item we have in our catalog. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Freelance Jobs

We’re available for hire. If you need exclusive custom logo or music for your project, please contact us personally via contact form (You can find it in the bottom right corner of our profile page).
Our team can help you to score a movie or video game. We have solid sound design experience in Unreal Engine, CryEngine and Unity.

Note to VideoHive Authors

You are welcome to use all our preview content in your projects. Send us a link to your item page with my music so we can promote each other!
Its a great opportunity for us both to increase exposure of our items. We will publish link to your project in my hall of fame section (coming soon!)

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