"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." (Leopold Stokowski)


Dreamsonix focuses on high quality instrumental audio tracks, logos and sound effects for both individuals and companies around the world looking for the right audio to accompany spots, jingles and soundtracks of such as films, media productions, radio/TV programs or commercials, computer games, multimedia presentations and brand identities.

Dreamsonix will take your projects to a new level. So start shopping in one of the best sources for royalty free music and audio files on the internet! We’re quite confident you can find just the music track that satifies your needs.

And if you’ve found what you were looking for and our music made it into your amazing project, then please share your work with us! We’re always curious about how our audio tracks are used. Feel free to share links, videos or whatever.

And don’t forget to follow us. We are constantly releasing new impressive tracks. For any question, feedback or request – feel free to contact us.

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VideoHive Authors: Want to use our music in your next project?

Thank you for your interest in using our music in your next project! We would love to see this happen. You are more than welcome to use any of our preview tracks in your project(s).

Just follow these simple steps:
  • Download the watermarked preview file of the track you like.
  • Incorporate the audio into your project: It would be nice, if you add credits in your project if that is possible. If it fits within your project and doesn’t distract, just add “Music by dreamsonix” somewhere.
  • Also please add a link to the music item in the description on your project page (like it’s common with all marketplace items).

After you have released your project, please let us know about it! Perhaps we can help you promoting your project by placing an icon of your file on our profile page and tweet about your work. If you are using Twitter or Facebook, tell us about it, so we can promote it too. Nearly everything is possible, just drop a note!

You can listen to our portfolio through the amazing AudioJungleRadio:

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