Hi Folks,

You can find out a lot about me at my website:

I have been VERY busy doing voice-over for my many clients – around the world; especially in the area of audiobooks.

I have several titles that I have narrated at

But I haven’t quit COMPOSING!

I’ll be relocating soon. More on that coming up. But it means I will revamp my studio and COMPOSE again!

Anyway, you might need some voiceover work done on your project.

Contact me if that might be the case, and perhaps I can accommodate you.

“Now, back to our regular programming….”

Music and sound are as much a character in storytelling these days as graphics, whether motion or stationary. It is no longer enough to be able to just compose music, or design sound, engineer, and mix.

It’s a mystical calculus: graphics + sound (music and/or Sfx) + art = end product (outcome).

You might say it’s – “mashed potatoes” – properly done.

In that regard, each of us brings something special to the table based on actual experience.

Here’s what I bring:

Numerous years of experience in all facets of production in the entertainment business, including a successful acting career in film and television, and countless commercials both on and off-camera (voice-over). I have also been a session player (trombone and bass trombone); session singer, songwriter, jingle writer, music director, producer and arranger, both in Nashville and Los Angeles. I’ve done live stints in several jazz and orchestral venues throughout the country, including singing on “The Grand ‘Ol Opry” and several seasons as lead trombone for The Ringling Brothers Circus.

These episodes in my life have given me a unique perspective on the requirements of source music in relation to the visual arts – i.e. the art of “story + music.”

I produce custom music tracks, as well as those you will find in Audiojungle. And I continue to provide voiceover services.

You may contact me for details on any of the above, via my listed e-mail.

Please specify your objectives in the subject line.

You’ll find out more about me with a Google search.

And finally: “Music praises God. Music is well or better able to praise him than the building of the church and all its decoration; it is the Church’s greatest ornament.” – Igor Stravinsky

I agree completely. Charles Kahlenberg.

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