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  • Corporate Life

    New Age Instrumental track with a motivational rhythm combined with a lot of synths & String Section with Delayed guitars on lead. Suitable for Corporate Business Theme, Success or any Motivational or Inspirational situation.

  • Success It Is – Orchestral Theme

    Playful Orchestral melody with harmonies and counterpoints. Has an irish feel to it.

  • Success Story – Corporate Theme

    Airy, inspirational and positive track with piano, guitar, drums, bass, leads, synths, celesta and rhythm organ, defining the sense of achievement and success. Best for presentations corporate style , as background music or for flash projects.

  • Distant Love – Love Theme

    Distant Love – ambient, love soundtrack defining distance using piano, pads, bass and simple Rhythmic structures all from distant sources. Best for : Films , Website , a story , audio book , love song , flash presentation , Series , personal or corporate use

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