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Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I use a single word separately in text animations?
Answer: There is no way to do this via xml. XML is used only by “words” sybmbol to animate a number of words at a particular time on the stage. So, for a single word, Drag and drop the “word” symbol to the movie clip in which you want it to show up. The position of the word will be fixed to where you put it on the stage. Then give it a name using the properties tool box for eg… wordmoviename1, wordmoviename2.

Now, open the Action script of the “word” symbol and see (note) on the top, the default properties given. Please check that the default properties are only assigned when they are “undefined” and not loading from outside.

So, we have to assign the properties from outside for a single word so they override the default ones. The properties to that particular word can be assigned from within the movieclip in which you placed (dropped) the “word”. Or, you can create them dynamically and assign the properties from wherever you want if you are an advanced user of flash.
For eg…
wordmoviename1.word = “FLASHDEN”;
wordmoviename1.chardelay = 5;
wordmoviename1.glowdelay = 100;

wordmoviename2.word = “Second Word”;
wordmoviename2.chardelay = 15;
wordmoviename2.glowdelay = 200;

I will be able to provide an example file of the text animation you purchased. Please send me an e-mail to get that.

2. How do I show characters other than English, like French, Chinese etc.?
NOTE FOR THE USERS WHO DO NOT KNOW: All the characters cannot be included with the SWF as they make it heavy.
Answer: You can achieve this using the following steps.
a. Save the xml file in UTF-8 format and use your characters.
b. Open the FLA file and select the textbox in which you want to show those characters.
c. Use the properties toolbox to embed the charcters. When you click the “Embed” button you get a list of all the supported characters by flash. Choose the ones you want.
d. Also the font you are using must support the characters you want to use. For example, if you want to show French then the font you are using must support those characters.

If you want to embed the characters with the “text animations” then in most of the files please check the “char” symbol for that textbox in which you have to embed the fonts. In all other things along with the templates, you will find everything in the library properly named, so that you will not find any problem in finding the textboxes used.

If you still find any problem, please send me an e-mail.