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[2019] i’m done with writing music for AJ and making music, thanks to everyone, who supported me.

[6 July 2018] Ok, now it’s over with trailers, i’m returning to broad genre material

[23 June 2018] Finally i made it! My 100th track in portfolio on AJ, the digit which i was trying to reach from summer 2017.

[17 May 2018] cranking up only Trailer tracks now, there will be a couple decades more, after that i’m gonna return to uploading some assorted stuff from different genres.

[UPDATE feb.2018] I’m not doing any Corporate, Funky stuff or anything unrelated to cinematic & rock stuff anymore, because unfortunately everything i did in these genres was being relentlessly rejected by moderation staff and that is really not cool…therefore i don’t wanna waste my time & energy on it anymore, so..

Now i’m going to write in only two genres, which i prefer the most:
· Cinematic/Hybrid Stuff
· Rock/Metal Stuff

i had abandoned my account for very long time (actually for quite a few years, thats why statistics ain’t so beautiful) but i returned recently with serious intentions :)

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