Wild With It

Wild With It

“Wild With It” – Bad dudes with the bad breaks and blood boiling guitars. Cool music for cool car spots.
Slinky, slightly edgy pieces, equally inspired by the tense and cool street-smart style soundtrack. Breakbeat with funky bass line, overdrive guitars, and lively percussion for a sleekly organic sound.
A slammin’ marriage of hard tasty breakbeats and big chunky guitar riffs giving you attitude, edge and drive. Excellent as a powerful backing to your sites, animations, films or any projects you have.

The file includes:

  1. Main song full length – 2:25 min. (Wild_With_It_full.wav)
  2. 60 second version – 1:24 min. (Wild_With_It_60sec.wav)
  3. 30 second version – 0:48 min. (Wild_With_It_30sec.wav)
  4. ReadMe file

Where you can use it

  • ?ar spots film or video
  • Extreme sports video
  • Motor sport production
  • TV advertisement
  • American Football
  • Snowboarding videos
  • Fight videos
  • And “whatever you want” projects ;)
Thanks a lot for buying my music, I am really appreciate this.

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