Hip Hop Lounge

Hip Hop Lounge

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“Hip Hop Lounge” is a commercial Hip Hop music for vlog, Youtube video or presentation. Also include high-tech electronic synths, soft textures and trendy future garage beat. “Hip Hop Lounge” track is good for backstage video, bali vlog, beauty presentation, behind the scene footage, cooking video, daily vlog and more. Calm beat with piano and electro guitars. Lounge mood amd light sound. Track with jazz percussion, open, close hat, sexy sounds. “Hip Hop Lounge” music also suitable for explainer video, footage video, gopro footage, guide vlog, interview, quiz video, review, summer vlog, timelapse video, tourism video, unboxing vlog, vacation video, youtube reel.

Contain 4 versions:
  1. “Hip Hop Lounge” (Main) – 1:58
  2. “Hip Hop Lounge” (Shortest) – 0:52
  3. “Hip Hop Lounge” (Short) – 1:14
  4. “Hip Hop Lounge” (Loop) – 1:47

  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Clap
  • Soft Kick
  • Shaker
  • Hat
  • Rimshot
  • Soft Crash
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Track can be associated:
  • Cook and Food
  • Youth Advertising
  • Urban and Street Lifestyle Video
  • Photo Collage and Photo Slideshow
  • Cute Video
  • Promotion, Commercial, Advertising Video

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