Discussion on Upbeat Energetic Acoustic Fun

Discussion on Upbeat Energetic Acoustic Fun

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Hello! Question, I don’t know what license to pick. I’m a business manager, and I create slideshows for my employees to watch. I know that only 12 employees will watch it totally and I won’t distribute this video, what license should I get?

Thank you!

Hi! Just buy standart license (19$), it’s ok ;)

I used this song for this video

Yeah! It’s great, thanks ;)

Hi! I bought your music with Mass Reproduction License, for use in a set of 5 videos regarding the same subject. These videos were demanded by a client on the auto industry and are part of an instruction process for the final customer. Initially, the videos will be offered along with car owner’s manual, but later the intention is to make it available on YT and other corporate channels of this client. Is one license enough to cover all 5 videos or should I buy 5 licenses? Plus, is this license correct? Thank you for your help.

Hi! As we know, you need to buy a license for each video(if they are different), but you better ask support team for details!

Hi!! I downloaded this song when it was offered as the free envato item of the month, 3 years ago (or more) I think.

I’ve used it as the song for my podcast for quite a while now (years).

I’ve just gotten today a copyright claim from Youtube and Adrev. I’d be happy to comply, love the song. Do I need to buy a license? I wans’t aware that when the song was offered for free there was a limitation so it really can’t be used.

Please guide me with this. Thx in advance Luis

Hi! Are you sure about “free file of the mounth”? Because we’ve never achieved that stuff for any of our items :) send the link for your video to our email, thanks!

Just sent an email through your profile page here. Hope gets to you, or give me the email address otherwise. Thx

Yeah! Thanks for choosing out music!

Suitable For Commercial Projects

Love the track. Really great!

Thanks a lot! :)