Inspiring Rock Pack

Inspiring Rock Pack

Congratulations to all on the upcoming holidays, Halloween, New Year. The spirit of Christmas flies to us all!

FKA Hot Upbeat Indie Rock Pack 1

This is a pack that has 5 different songs. Each song features distorted or crunchy guitar, and powerful bass and drums, piano, synths, vocals and groovy beats.

Perfect for: sports videos, gym videos, racing, any dynamic action videos, commercials, any commercial use, gaming, web and more.

I congratulate everyone on the upcoming World Sight Day, World Egg Day, National Boss’s Day, International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations, International Animation Day, International Men’s Day, Black Friday, Halloween, New Year and Merry Christmas! Make a profitable purchase.


1. Inspiring and Motivational Rock
Starts from 0:00

Inspiring and Motivational Rock (with vocals) – 2:11
I Includes 2 versions (vocal & instrumental)

2. Energetic Upbeat Indie Rock
Starts from 2:11

Energetic Upbeat Indie Rock (with vocals) – 2:33
Includes 2 versions (vocal & instrumental)

3. Epic Intro
Starts from 4:45

Epic Intro – Full 1:18

4. Groovy Upbeat
Starts from 6:05

Groovy Upbeat – Full 0:59

5. Sport Action
Starts from 7:06

Sport Action – Full 1:53