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My favorite instrument is the piano. My artist preferred in A.J. you are you. Excellent production in that he inspires love from the first second.

Hello Snabisch, very nice of you to say :) Thanks!

WOW… It’s very amazing epic! thank’s a lot…

Beautiful work :) Thanks for using my music, I just added it to my collection!

Really awesome love this, quick question, is there a shortened looped version of it at all? – if not what sort of size can I get it down to for my website please?


Hey Rich :)

Unfortunately there is not a shortened looped version of the song. As for you site however, if you need a smaller file size you could re-render the song at 128 KBS which would make the file a lot smaller without sacrificing too much quality loss. If your web player has a repeat function, it would work fine. Thanks!

Hi Tim, I’d love to download a preview in order to see if it fits with my filmproject but somehow it does not work. Could you please be so kind and have a look at your file in store? Thanks, Sabine

Hi Sabine!

Sorry that you are having troubles with the preview. I just tried to listen to the preview myself and there does seems to be something going on with AudioJungle at the moment. The good news is, after you click onto the preview page, right click and “save page as”. This will download the file. When I played the file on my computer it works :)

There is just something wrong with the online version. Give it a try! Thanks for the interest.

Man. I just had to comment on this. I will purchase this when I can. But, it is just incredible. Seriously mind blowingly inspirational, thought provoking, epic, etc etc.. Great job. People purchase this to support artists like this!

Forget it I just bought it I couldn’t wait LOL !

Haha :) Thanks for the kind words and purchase! I truly appreciate it. I hope my future work is just as enticing!!

Very nice track, love the climax! Used it in my latest MTB race aftemovie

Loved it :) Great video. Thanks very much for licensing my work!

good piano and a good track )))

Beautiful track !

Beautiful track !

I really like the soft and gentle middle part of the track! The epic ending is of course the mandatory AJ-cliche and dissappointing, but the soft instrumentals with strings and harp are extremely beautiful and gentle!

Too bad the ending is not soft and gentle )

Appreciate the honesty!

Amazing theme, I love this, thank you for such wonderful music !!!

Thanks very much :) I appreciate it!


I just bought your wonderful Translation work. I’d like to request the shortened version for use with the Romeo and Juliet II AE template. My email is .

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, thanks for the purchase! Sorry for the delay, the best place for info like this is via the profile page contact form. Someone will be in contact tomorrow with you at the address you provided :)

So great!! What a beautiful video! Smooooth flyin too’! Thanks very much for licensing my music, I appreciate it!