High quality cinematic track. Use this track for films, shows, tv, radio, animations and more. Straight from my “Music for Film” line of audio tracks. For more information about my “Music for Film” line or to hear the full list of music tracks I offer, go to my website at Thank you!

About The File/s:

Track/s In File:
“Trailer Ender 1 – C”
“Trailer Ender 1 – C#”
“Trailer Ender 1 – D”
“Trailer Ender 1 – D#”
“Trailer Ender 1 – E”
“Trailer Ender 1 – F”
“Trailer Ender 1 – F#”
“Trailer Ender 1 – G”
“Trailer Ender 1 – G#”
“Trailer Ender 1 – A”
“Trailer Ender 1 – A#”
“Trailer Ender 1 – B”
“Trailer Ender 1 – Drums”



Track Summery
Most trailers end with one sustained note, usually after some sort of epic/action style music plays. This is used to put on the end of trailer music, whatever that music may be. This will give you an ending to your music, as well as keep the listener in suspense and help end the flow of the music. I have taken this a step further by giving you not only the ending, but I have done so in every key (C through B ). This way, you can add this effect to any track, no matter what key it is in.

This track has a low sweep into big booming drums, with low brass and low strings sustained until they fade out.



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