Tool Sound Pack

Tool Sound Pack

A selection of tool sounds that would be useful for any project to do with DIY, building, joinery,carpentry, construction, or as sound effects in film post production. Specifically, these sounds would be great for an “Under Construction” page.

The pack contains 10 high quality 16 bit/44.1 khz wavs, you also get five free extra files which are variations of some of the main files. You hear all of the included tracks on the preview; seperated by a small silence.

Main files:

Angle grinder
Chiseling wood
Electric drill 1
Electric drill 2
Electric Screwdriver 1
Electric screwdriver 2
Hammering a tack
Hammering a nail
Handsawing wood- wood drops to floor
Tape measure open and close

Free variations:

Angle grinder sharpening chisel
Chiseling wood (single hit)
Electric drill 3
Hammering nail (single hit)
Handsawing wood (loop)