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Congrats on the feature dude, it’s a great track and you’ve got a huge portfolio after approximately 3 months. Keep up the great work :D

Hey Sam Thanks a lot. Yes, i am approx. 3 months on envato, but i uploaded the first file in september… well, i don’t need so much sleep ;) Have a goo day!

Great job! Congrats on the feature. Good luck. :)

Thank you so much, Phil!

Congrats on the feature! Believe it or not, I was listening to this track a couple of days ago thinking how awesome it sounds… Guess we share the same thoughts with the AJ Staff :P Anyways… keep up the great job!

Hi Ventsislav That honours me very much when you write this, thanks a lot! (i checked your great items too!) Keep on funkin’ :)

Great piano and this careless mood! Listening it makes me feel better :)

Hey Robert Thank you so much, i’m very glad if i can make you feel you a bit better, while you extend your enormous library!! All the best for you :)

Thank you very much! That’s what happens if i try to find a niche in the big never ending aj market :winktongue:

Great jazz song! My Congratulation!

Thank you so much! I’m curious how you would like my house-relatetd Songs: http://audiojungle.net/item/rockin-da-house/3226689 and the two others (link on the page above available)

Cheers, Mat

Good one! I’m lovin’ this!

Congrats on the feature file!

Thank you so much!

wow, vwry nice track, the mixing is great :)

thanks a lot. Not such a complicated song to mix, but not less critical to mix ;)

Very cool! My mood goes up when I listen to you. Thank you.

Thank you so much!! My mood goes up too, when you write that :) !

Congrats on the feature. Keep up the good work!

Hey Joe Thank you very much!!

Cooool Funky Mix :)

Thanks a lot, Nik ;)

Beautiful jazz piano mat! you make very nice portfolio in few months man :)

Thank you very much Miguel! If a great musician like you says, it’s very nice, I am very happy :D