This Funk Pack

This Funk Pack

This Funk Pack

This pack is good offer for save your money. Buy cheaper for 3 quality tracks for your media projects.

1. This Funk – 2:13

in Preview: 0:00 – 2:12

This is a new and fresh funky song. Positive and cheerful, with typical for this style of electric guitar sounds, brass Horns, piano, and dynamic bit. It is perfect for your media projects.

2. Disco – 1:59

in Preview: 2:13 – 4:11

New song in the disco style. Atmospheric and dynamic. It can be used in the slideshow, commercials, video reports, videohive, etc.

3. Action Funk – 1:34

in Preview: 4:12 – 5:45

‘Action Funk’ – Happy and fun music that will be perfect for your media content, projects, Youtube, presentation, advertisement and all that you want.

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24/7 support, you can always leave a mail about what you want to set (the length , remove any of the instruments or tone, to pause in a particular place or even what it will), and I will make the setting for you.