The Technology Kit

The Technology Kit


The Technology Kit is based on this music:

Tempo: 120 bpm

The Technology Kit /h2> Perfect for slideshows, explain, tutorial, logistic, ecology, infomercial, conference event, successful lifestyle, backstage, educational promo (Coaching, Learning, Training, University, Lessons, Explainer Video, School, College, interview, timelapse videos, fashion videos, landscape videos, arhitecture and building, engineering, digital technologies, corporate technology, innovation corporate, gadget, modern corporate, technology corporation, industry, invention, innovative technology videos, travel, introduction, construction, exciting promos, medical and health podcasts, broadcast, engineering, innovation technology, investment ect. Perfect for financial business topics: trading, politics, management, law, business company promo, economics, consulting, reel (real estate), investment, advertising, commercial, animation, business presentation, economy, startup, money, infomercial, management, corporate background, banking, statistic, goverment. Best choice if you are looking for: science music, positive music, event music, innovation corporate, positive music, infograpfic, innovative music, modern corporate, electronic music, modern music, technology music, technical music, medical music, futuristic music, corporate music. Demo tracks in preview:
  • Demo1 – 2:13
  • Demo2 – 1:09
  • Demo3 – 0:37

The full list of the parts:

  • 01_IntroFx – 0:01
  • 02_Intro – 0:15
  • 03_KickTheme – 0:15
  • 04_BasicTheme – 0:15
  • 05_Bridge1 – 0:15
  • 06_Bridge2 – 0:15
  • 07_Climax – 0:15
  • 08_ClimaxWithoutFX – 0:15
  • 09_Outro – 0:15
  • 10_End – 0:03