The Tech

The Tech

The Tech

The Techupbeat, determined, energetic and inspiring motivational corporate track! Perfect as background music for inspirational and successful story, advertisement and TV commercial, brand company and news, science and invention, architecture and trade, technology and education, media project, YouTube, podcast and more motivational video productions. Designed for corporate presentations, business, innovation, technology, science, and others modern projects.

This item includes 3 versions, WAV and MP3 formats:

The Tech – Full Version [2:09]

The Tech – Short Version 1 [1:18]

The Tech – Short Version 2 [0:40]

Destined for:

  • innovative discoveries
  • career and purpose
  • work and finance
  • business
  • advertising/commercial video
  • business presentations
  • business videos
  • agreement and handshake
  • corporate video
  • vlog/series
  • inspiring presentation video
  • lifestyle video
  • slideshow
  • website
  • tutorial
  • YouTube videos
  • infographic videos
  • explainer
  • freedom and recreation
  • medical and health videos
  • future technical and electronics
  • app promos
  • new innovative
  • gaming videos
  • openers
  • lifestyle and travel business
  • business
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