Sneaky Comedy- funny quirky music for your videoprojects! Featured instruments: sneaky pizzicato strings, toy bells, rhythmic percussion and etc.


Purchase includes:

  • The Sneaky Comedy (Main version 2.17).wav – 2:17
  • The Sneaky Comedy (Middle version 1.13).wav – 1:13
  • The Sneaky Comedy (Short version 0.42).wav – 0:42

    Sounds great in:

  • cartoon animations;
  • adventure videos;
  • comedy videos;
  • featuring a spy;
  • childrens corporate;
  • documentary;
  • detective video;
  • family vacation;
  • comedy thriller;
  • Track moods is:

    whimsical, playful, presentation, pizzicato strings, mysterious, joy, happy, goofy.

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