The Clown

The Clown


What is a Clown…?

Clown is comic but also scary and eerie, is funny but underneath the mask and the costume hides a depressing heart…

Does he want to make you laugh?

Does he want to hurt you?

Does he want to haunt you?

You have to be very careful and cautious!!!


A dark fantasy and artistic track, with “Tim Burton” atmosphere and mixed feelings!

“The Clown” will travel you in a magic world where darkness and fantasy reigns!


Are you having fun or you just starting to get scared…?


Instruments features Accordion and  Bandoneon , “lullaby” section with music box, bells and glockenspiel, haunted piano, Choir, xylophone, Strings Ensemble, Cymbals and Gongs, Basses and Cellos, Low Brass and Orchestra Chimes and pizzicato, staccato, arpeggio, trill and legato instrument techniques!


Ideal for:

  • Tv  and Theater
  • Animation and cartoon
  • Children Theater Shows
  • Dark Fantasy Films
  • Halloween
  • Creepy Christmas movies
  • Cinematic Productions
  • Spooky Circus Music
  • Creepy Carnival Music
  • Black Comedy Films


The archive contains TWO (2) versions PLUS the Main Version

“The Clown Main Version” 1:30 

“The Clown Short Version” 0:47 (Starts at 1:32 in Preview)

“The Clown Loop Version” 0:37  (Starts at 2:19 in Preview)



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