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Cheers Matt! Glad you like it :-)

Good stuff! Bright and clean, well done.

Thanks for the kind words Adam, glad you like it! :-)

wonderful music!

Thanks so much! Glad you like it :-)

Great track! Well done on the feature mate :)

Thanks dude. Most appreciated! :)

Beautiful track! Congrats on the feature ;)

Thanks man, and glad you like it! :)

Hey now you have the feature, dude :D Congratulations and happy sales! :)

Cheers dude. Haha, yep, “be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it” as they say! ;)

Thanks ST! Most kind of you :)

Nice work. Wish you many sales :)

Thanks for listening and the kind words! :)

Thank you D-Music. Most appreciated :)

Awesome track with fantastic production work! Good luck on the feature!

Cheers Michael! Most kind of you to say! :)

Nice to share a featured item slot with this—although hard to compete with it, as it really is a lovely, well-crafted track! :)

Thanks Curtis! That’s quite the compliment, as I think yours is superb! Well, lets enjoy this whilst it lasts! ;)

Thank you Alivestone! Thanks for taking the time to listen :)

perfect track)

Thanks west-sounds! Most appreciated :)

Awesome mood!! :D

Cheers GhostArt :) Thanks for listening.

Nice track mate and congrats on the well-deserved feature!

Cheers Josh! Glad you’re liking it. Haha, we’re swapping compliments here. As per your forum post, good work on the 500 sales mate! :)

Haha, thanks man! :D

Hey, we’ve posted the video with a music bought from you but YouTube reports that we use copyrighted material. I have filled dispute form already but would be nice if you can take care about this ASAP please.

Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rbyM1Izet4

Thank you very much for quick answer :)

I’ve contacted AdRev and two days ago they released claim named “AdRev for a 3rd Party” but today YouTube has matched third party content again! Now I see AdRev Publishing and KODA_CS.

We are losing our revenue because of this, so would be nice if you could help us to solve it quickly. Thanks.

Hi Shimo,

Looks like a YouTube/Content ID issue here. I’ve contacted you directly via your YouTube channel so please check your messages there, so we can discuss this issue securely.

Many thanks,


Ohh what a great sound! And everything here is live instruments I suspect? :)

Thanks so much! Yep, everything recoded live on this one! :)