Technology Corporate Pack

Technology Corporate Pack

Technology Corporate Pack is a collection of three soft, minimal, inspiring motivational corporate business tech track. This is blending precise and technical beats with organic and emotional elements. Digital but also organic, fast paced but also dreamy. Especially suitable for 3d video productions, fast paced tech, corporate presentation and montage.

Technology Corporate Pack evolves over time with some highs and lows so make sure you listen all the way through for a good perspective on how the track can work for your needs. It is a perfect choice for any project that requires an inspirational and motivational technology track to greatly enhance it’s imagery.

This package can be useful for any scientific or research, space or travel, any media tech project, commercial, documentary, advertising, presentation, tutorial, invention, time lapse, web site, handmade, TV news and TV program, viral marketing, guru video, vlog, television, radio, history, education, corporate/business presentation, corporate and business media visuals, YouTube and Vimeo video, motivational and inspirational project, film and any project that requires background music.</

1.Technology Corporate (5 Versions)

Included 5 versions:
Full Version (length 2:26)
Middle Version (length 1:50)
Short Version (length 1:25)
60s Version (length 0:59)
30s Version (length 0:30)

2.Tech Corporate (3 Versions)

Included 5 Versions:
Full Version (length 2:48)
Middle Version (length 1:55)
Short Version (length 1:29)
60s Version (length 1:02)
30s Version (length 0:29)

3.Tech (3 Versions)

Included 3 Versions:
Full Version (length 2:22)
Middle Version (length 1:27)
Short Version (length 0:50)

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