Technology Corporate Future Pack

Technology Corporate Future Pack

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Medicine Commercial, Future Starts, Innovative Ideas, Innovative Company

NEW SIMILAR MUSICSynthwave Industrial Technology

This is a collection of atmospheric and inspirational Technology music with ambient synths, electronic piano and abstract tech beat. Perfect for technology documentary and films (e.g. scientific, medical), commercials and presentations (e.g. innovative technologies), games (e.g. futuristic), youtube and vimeo movies and many more projects, where need high-quality ambient and corporate tech background Royalty Free Music.

Technology Corporate Future Pack contains the following songs:

1. Future Technology Corporate (1 Version)

Future Technology Corporate (Main Version) – (2:33), WAV (0:00 – 2:33 in preview)

MAIN INSTRUMENTS: Ambient and retrowave synths, pad, electronic piano, techno drums, percussions and sfx.

Tempo: 105

2. Future Technology Dreams (1 Version)

Future Technology Dreams (Main Version) – (1:55), WAV (2:33 – 4:27 in preview)

MAIN INSTRUMENTS: Ambient synths, bass guitar, electronic piano, vocal chops, techno and vintage soul drums, percussions and sfx.

Tempo: 125

3. Abstract Technology Background (1 Version)

Abstract Technology Background (Main Version) – (2:06), WAV (4:27 – 6:41 in preview)

MAIN INSTRUMENTS: Electronic piano, ambient synths, sub bass, cello, vocal samples, drums, percussions and sfx.

Tempo: 140


Science Ambient Technology

Abstract Tech Future

Innovative Technologies

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