Technology Ambient Background

Technology Ambient Background

Corporate tech music with an ambient vibe for scientific and technological projects.
Featured with calm ambient arrangement, piano and strings, modern synth sounds and future technology discovery vibe.
Soft futuristic beat, science feel, lite pop synthesizers creates innovation future technology feel.
This sound will really set the tone for any kind of corporate technology project!

Track Mood & Features

Mood: it’s scientific and technological, confident and hi tech music.
Features: soft beat, ambient arrangement, pop synths and discovery vibe.

‘Technology Ambient Background’ is a perfect sound For…

Calm scientific hi tehc theme could provide a great backing track for a wide range of project work including:
  • Futuristic science movies
  • New device advertising
  • Education background video
  • Innovation hi tech presentation
  • Technology slideshow
  • Commercials
  • Discovery YouTube stings
  • Hi tech movies
and much more!
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‘Technology Ambient Background’ item includes:

Two formats provided with your download, MP3 (320kb/s) and WAV (44.1k Hz). There are five individual files in the pack:
  • Technology Ambient Background – 2:25
  • Minute Mix – 1:08, (2:25 in preview).
  • Short Mix – 0:37, (3:33 in preview).
  • Loop – 0:16, (4:11 in preview).
  • Logo – 0:12, (4:27 in preview).

This track availabe as flexible music kit: Technology Ambient Background Kit

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