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Fiery Emotional Tango!

Tango is a fiery and sensual Tango track that will bring forth passion and a dash of classy sensuality to your project.

With a warm organic sound, this track is bursting with sensual energy and dynamic excitement!

I specifically crafted this track for the purpose of allowing your project to unleash its full emotional potential. Indeed, the music evokes fiery passion, exacerbated feelings, as well as sheer class! Get your audience roused and captivated. Set their souls on fire and they will feel passionate about your project!

Driven by a warm upright bass and jazzy drums, the track features a bright piano, a accordion that has a typical tango flavor, as well as a bittersweet violin that plays the main melody. Various percussion drums such as triangle, castanets, congas and cabasa adds to the exotic and retro atmosphere. The track has three parts that, while blending well together, have different flavors, before coming back to the main theme for a thrilling finale.

With its fiery atmosphere, classy polish and sensual energy, this passion stirring Tango track will be the perfect soundtrack to your project!

Perfect for:

Background Tango music for nightlife video projects, soundtrack for Tango dancing scene, restaurant videos, advertising spot, commercials, love scene, sexy scene, touristic videos about Argentina, Buenos Aires cityscape videos,...

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