Swing Pack

Swing Pack

Pack of three swing music items, whose include mainly acoustic sound such as guitar, accordion, glockenspiel, of course bass and brush or classic drum set sound.
  • Multipurpose use and suitable to all kind of your project like videos, movies, presentations, collections, podcasts etc.

Funny Swing:

Perfect and positive swing music item! Great sound of guitars like Django Reinhardt and tasty accordion in the melodic line!

Two versions included in the main file:

  • Edit 1 | full version | duration 2:34 | 0:00 in the preview
  • Edit 2 | No melody version | duration 2:34 | 2:36 in the preview

French Gypsy Guitar:

Perfect energetic French Gypsy style music item!

  • Beautiful combination of guitars, accordion and of course bass and brush kit.
  • Useful in many branches like cartoons, movies, films, websites backgrounds and much else projects.

  • duration 2:36 | 5:12 in the preview

Happy Swinging Glockenspiel:

Enjoy the taste of hilarious and bright glockenspiel accompanied by acoustic swing band. Suitable for commercials to emphasise cool and positive atmosphere.

Two versions are included in the main file:

  • Edit 1 | melody played by glockenspiel | duration 1:39 | 7:51 in the preview
  • Edit 2 | melody played by glockenspiel and guitar | duration 1:39 | 9:33 in the preview

Videohive authors: You are more than welcome to use my preview tracks in your projects! Thank you! :grin:

High quality .wav and .mp3 files in the main file!

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