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I like this a lot!

Hi Slats, I really appreciate your comment, thank you!


This is a superb track! It will fit very well as an emotional ambient in our game. Thank you!

Thank you Ulf!

Love the music bro :)

Once again thank you my friend ….

Once again a top tune from a top notch ‘world class’ author.


Hi Craigo, once again… thanks!

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This tune is just one of the many really good tunes you have produced that stand alone! I love it!

Hi Snarfmeister,

Just that kind of comment that keeps me going, thanks a million ..

All the best

Thanks a billion….

Wanted to say how great this piece is. Not only did the composer did a fantastic job at creating a it, he also included in the “Looped” version as well. Good stuff! :)

Such a motivating comment, thank you! All the best//

I love this track!! I’ve used it in my last template and it worked great. Best luck :)

Holy cow, that is awesome … love what you have done! Thank you!

Great track my friend!!!! I love your style!!!! ;)

Thank you my friend and touche, just visited your portolio and can only say the same …

Thanks a billion ….. Viacheslav!

Your comment is highly appreciated, thank you!

Some inspiration from FTL? ;)

My inspiration comes from the universe ;) FTL, who?