Stylish Background

Stylish Background

Stylish Background

Aka “Glossy”

UPDATE 1: This track included in this Music Pack! Save 50% of the cost for each track!
UPDATE 2: special version Videohive template “Stylish Phone X – App Presentation” now available. Starts at 3:12 at the preview.

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Groovy stylish music with positive mood in slow breakbeat rythm with modern elements and urban vibes. Cool rhythmic relaxing sound. 5 lenghts versions included.

Abstract, breakbeat, hip-hop, experimental

Drums, bass, percussions, synths, electric guitar

Suits for:
Fits well to fashion videos, broadcast packages, lifestyle videos, corporate activities, footages, vlogs, timelapse. Excellent background for slideshows, TV shows, YouTube reels, blogs, street actions, social advertising and other media projects.

Sounds like:
Crystal Method, Colombo

* Structure:
- This music track is structured specially for easy cutting and making lots of loops. Almost every part can looping (loop example included)
- Easy to combine in any structure you want.
- Several original endings
* Lengths:
- 2:11 – starts at 0:00 – main version
- 1:00 – starts at 2:12
- 1.12 – starts at 3:12 – for videohive template
- 0.25 – starts at 4:25
- 0.11 – starts at 4:52
* Easy montage and cut
* WAV + MP3 in ZIP
* Tempo – 96 bpm

Check how it fits with video: Stylish Background - 5

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