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interesting track) good luck with sales ;)

this is great! good idea!

Thanks JD


Sent you a message through profile page. Could you reply to my mail?

Thank you

Cheers, Sven.

Yeah, just return you an email. Cheers mate

Great product with amazing support. It’s a pleasure to have something work so well.

Thanks mate !!! good luck with the project

I purchased this so I’d have to 40 second version as I had purchased this.. but there is no 40 second version in the download. Nearest one is 34s which doesnt fit with the cinematic intro. Help :/

you should be ashamed of yourself pricing this so high just because the html website version of stomp includes this soundtrack! Greedy.

Thank you for purchasing, I wish you all the best

Where is the 44 seconds version ?

I’m not stupid, I saw that it was 34” ! But in this video :, it’s not 34sec, it’s 44sec… and you changed your description today ! Result… I’ve purchased a bad file for my video… Fortunately, I’m doing well with Adobe Audion but this may not be the case for other users…

Dear Sir, I’ve never stated that there was a 44sec version, in fact, I didn’t know someone took my music and made a 44sec version. regarding the 0:34sec version, it was not mentioned in the description, and that is my mistake but irrelevant for your claim. Putting aside your anger, do you need any special edition for the track? if so, I can do it free of charge… Let me know

Thank you for your answer, I made a loop myself because the video was to be delivered yesterday. So for me it’s ok but for future users of this editing, it would be better to report it. Have a good day

Thanks !!! good luck to us

Nice track! I wish you good sales!

Thank you