Spy Music, Agent

This track is based on groove funk drums and percussion, vintage bass, electro piano, guitar and brass section. It has a sound look like Agent 007, James Bond, Mission Impossible, and other agent action movies. This track also is perfect to use in advertising, commercial, lifestyle, and every time you need upbeat groovy funky music.
If you need to some changes in track arrangement (you need just drum and percussion loop for example) feel free to contact me via email:

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This distribution consists of three versions (WAV and MP3) of the track and two loops. It means that it’s possible to make the length of audio fit to your particular needs. Or you can design your own track using the loops.

  1. SHORT — 0:20
  2. MID — 0:51
  3. LONG — 1:55
  4. LOOP1,2 — 0:17

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Spy - 1

Spy - 2 Spy - 3 Spy - 4

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