Space Epic Cinematic Kit

Space Epic Cinematic Kit

Track Information

This track is inspiring and epic theme. Includes orchestral elements such as strings, different powerful percussions, perfect choirs, atmospheric electronics parts and guitars. From airy inspiring beginning, this track becomes to really powerful and epic at ending. Overall this track sounds massive, wide, atmospheric, inspiring and epic.
Suitable for all teaser, trailer, opener, intro, broadcast, YouTube and other videos, but best decision is science fiction action!

Based on my original AudioJungle item: Space Epic Cinematic
Tip: Listen to the track completely, it does have several completely different parts.

This item includes:
• 21 “no tails” song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for your project.
• 21 matching “tails” song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result.
• 3 ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration.
• Adobe Audition project files of the demo arrangements to help you get started.

1. Space Epic Cinematic Demo #1 (2:15)
2. Space Epic Cinematic Demo #2 (1:07)
3. Space Epic Cinematic Demo #3 (1:11)

Song Sections:
01_Transition1_version1 (0:08) Short transition with ambient sounds.
02_Transition1_version2 (0:08) Short transition with ambient sounds and smooth riser.
03_IntroPart1 (0:04) Intro part with ambient sounds and pads.
04_IntroPart2 (0:04) Intro part with ambient sounds, pads and arp synth.
05_IntroPart2_NoArpSynth (0:31) Intro part with ambient sounds and pads.
06_MainTheme1 (0:31) Main theme with ambient sounds, strings, pads, choirs and arp synth.
07_MainTheme1_NoArpSynth (0:31) Same with 06, without arp synth.
08_MainTheme1_NoLead (0:16) Same with 06, without lead line.
09_MainTheme1_NoLeadNoArpSynth (0:15) Same with 06, without lead line and arp synth.
10_DrumFill (0:15) Short drum fill sounds with riser. Helpful for transitions.
11_DrumHit (0:08) Drum hit.
12_Bridge (0:98) Bridge part with drums, arp synth, pad, lead and risers.
13_Bridge_NoArpSynth (0:15) Same with 12, without arp synth.
14_MainTheme2 (0:15) Main theme with drums, guitars, strings, pads, choirs and arp synth.
15_MainTheme2_NoArpSynth (0:15) Same with 14, without arp synth.
16_MainTheme2_NoLead (0:15) Same with 14, without lead line.
17_MainTheme2_NoLeadNoArpSynth (0:15) Same with 14, without lead line and arp synth.
18_MainTheme2_NoGuitar (0:15) Same with 14, without guitar.
19_Transition2 (0:08) Short transition sounds, with drum hit, brass and riser.
20_FinalHit1 (0:08) Final sound with drum hit, disappearing guitars, pads and strings.
21_FinalHit2 (0:08) Final sound with drum hit, disappearing pads and strings.

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