Sneaky Comedy

Sneaky Comedy

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Humorous classical orchestral composition with lots of different percussion.Suits as a background music for smartphone apps, games, TV commercials, film and animated cartoon, TV advertisements, TV comedy programs, TV presentations, children programs, animals video, education video, corporate video, social media, openers, youtube video, vimeo video, documentaries, comedy video.

Sounds like: sneaky comedy, sneaky music, sneaky cat, cat and mouse, sneaky mischief, awkward. awkward music, quirky music, quirky, quirky comedy, whimsical music, whimsical comedy, whimsical, cartoon, cartoon music, cartoon comedy, funny music, funny, clumsy music, hilarious, dramedy, comedy cinematic, comic, comic music, animation comedy, animation music, animation, circus music, circus, parody, clown music, cunning, caricature, joke, childish, lazy comedy.

Zip contains 2 version :

1.Sneaky Comedy [ time 1:18 tempo: 110 bpm ]

2.Short_Sneaky Comedy[ time 0:45 tempo: 110 bpm ]

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