Smooth Background

Smooth Background

Smooth background – it’s a calm and nice sounding tune for wide types of projects. The track has light, bright, inspiring mood. This music emphasises the main idea of your project and, in the same time, it doesn’t distract your client!

Featured instruments: groovy drums, deep bass, confident piano plaing catchy melody, airy strings and pads, bright acoustic guitar.

Sounds great in:
  • tutorials;
  • educational videos;
  • business presentations;
  • youtube blogs;
  • gadget presentations;
  • slideshows;
  • infographic videos;
  • commercials;
  • and any inspirational projects.
This item includes:
  • Smooth Background – 2:20 (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • Smooth Background_1 minute – 1:00 (starts at 2:18 in preview);
  • Smooth Background_30 seconds – 0:30 (starts at 3:16 in preview);
  • Smooth Background_Extended – 4:48 (starts at 3:44 in preview);
  • Smooth Background_Loop version – 0:07 (starts at 8:30 in preview);

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3 (except the loop version, it’s represented in WAV)