Smooth Ambient Pack

Smooth Ambient Pack

“Smooth Ambient Pack” combines three different tracks, each with many variations and edits, into a single pack that includes over 35 minutes of variations and edits from over 13 minutes of music. These ambient tracks are designed for meditation and concentration and may be considered in the soundscape, new age, or even cinematic genres, depending on how they are used. The music is relaxing with a deep bass and ethereal, beautiful tone. Shifts in instrumental tone color and harmony occur gradually in these track, creating the illusion of an ever-changing tapestries of sound.

The music is soft and peaceful, promoting a feeling of good will and allowing for inward and outward concentration through a sense of floating space and slow breathe. These tracks work well as mood music for any number of media productions. Many different cuts/edits are included to fit different projects and the music can be easily looped of further trimmed.

1. Ethereal Bliss:

Five Versions included:

“Ethereal Bliss” complete: 6:08

“Ethereal Bliss” 4 minute edit: 4:00

“Ethereal Bliss” 3 minute edit: 2:56

“Ethereal Bliss” 1.5 minute edit: 1:36

“Ethereal Bliss” 30 second edit: 0:32

2. Meditation Circle: Four versions included:

“Meditation Circle” full version: 4:24

“Meditation Circle” 2-minute cut: 2:15

“Meditation Circle” 1-minute cut: 1:10

“Meditation Circle” short edit: 0:40

3. Distant Galaxies:

Four versions included:

“Distant Galaxies” full version: 2:46

“Distant Galaxies” 2 minute edit: 1:53

“Distant Galaxies” 1 minute edit: 1:00

“Distant Galaxies” extended version: 5:26