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wooww :) Nice work!


Great track!

Hi kristijanf,

I used this track on my new after effects project Extreme Promo.

You can view it online here: http://videohive.net/item/extreme-promo/11680844


thanks a lot!!

Smash It Up!!! Great track! Very cool!

Great Track….We will indeed “ROCK YOU!!!!” with this one :)

Man I love this tune. Can’t wait for an appropriate project to use it for.

Thanks a lot!

Amazing music track!

Nice track !

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. I had already copied this info to them and it appears to be cleared up. Thanks for a GREAT track (& great support)!

thank you for your purchase.good luck!

We enjoyed having this as the music bed for our feature video until someone filed a copyright dispute on YoutTube to try and monetize our video. Hoping we can get to the bottom of this so we can put the video back online.

I appreciate the quick response. I had already submitted a dispute before I found this article so I did miss the step of copying the license info into the comment box. Hoping that doesn’t slow things down too much. Really frustrating and inconvenient that I’d have to do this at all. Can’t anything be done to prevent this? I don’t foresee using AudioJungle in the future if I have to dispute every track I use.

to be honest, i think things are pretty messed up here. for every track that is registered in advert ,there will be procedure of this type, but it cannot dispute your right to use the track, as long as you have statement with a license from audio jungle

Good work, mate :)


Great! Punchy ttheme! Good luck.

Great track! Love it !

Awesome work! Hope you like I used in an Abarth Track Day Video.. https://vimeo.com/158346093

cool!thanks for purchase!

Disappointed that this author has lodged copyright claims for these tracks with services like YouTube. When I purchase a track I don’t expect to have to waste time filing claims with YouTube. Author: remove your copyright claims – it’s just a risk that comes with selling music like this.

to be honest, i did not want to register my music for claims, until i received information some other people started doing it…you have information in description :ITEM IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED, AND THERE IS A PROCEDURE YOU AS A BUYER MUST OBEY. SO DO IT, AND DONT BE LAZY

GREAT TRACK BUDDY !!! Used in my new AE template preview !!!



I would like to purchase your music for my youtube intro. It goes with a project VideoHive. Is the standard liscence is enough? Do I have a claim to each new video?

Hi, Ok but I will use this intro in several video. In this case one licence enough if it’s just an intro?

Do I have a claim to each new video?

i am not sure how this is legally solved. the things got too complicated lately

Great Track!!!