Discussion on Smash It Up

Discussion on Smash It Up

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adrev definetely blocks its because of copyrights dam i have to submit everytime when i use

send pdf license you get on envato to youtube support

WTF?! I cut a video for a client to the preview track. Then I get approval from the client so I buy the license, but the provided tracks are different from the preview. The licensed tracks are just the last 90 seconds of the preview track.

i sold item 4763 times, and no one told me that preview is different than files included in the pack. I have checked it, and all files are ok and according to preview.

Tried to follow the instructions on Youtube flagging it but cannot find the info where you copy/past the license details. I go to purchase/download history but do not see option to access the license via pdf or text? Any idea where the license details live pertaining to this purchase?

i responded you to email


Let me begin my conversation by saying that the track you have composed is brilliant and we had purchased this track of yours under the 10 millions rights and had used it on one of the videos made for our client named Asus. When we uploaded the video on Youtube, we got a claim from your end regarding the copyright issue. We don’t want to monetize our video and your claim mentions that we have to compulsorily monetize the video in order to continue to use your music. Please can you lift your claim so that we can stop the monetization on our video. Following is the link to the youtube video which we have kept unlisted as of now. You can check the video to the link below which we have kept unlisted as of now:

here is an email for video claims . i wrote to them. you do so, too !

Any luck?

Why am I getting copyright claims on videos i use this song for, when I purchased the rights to do it here? Is this some sort of scam? FYI my channel isn’t even eligible for monetization

Please provide pdf document that you received with download to youtube or Adrev, since claim is from their side. This paper will clear it.

Hi Cool WORK just i use this music in my demo here can you please add link to my video ? Thanks

ok thanks!

Suitable For Commercial Projects


xabcd Purchased

Hello, I”ve sent in the license through the YouTube copyright yesterday, still waiting for your approval if you’re able to do that? thanks

IMPORTANT : How to clear a YouTube copyright notice You can remove copyright notices in the following ways : 1.Disputing the claim via YouTube’s built-in form. 2.Contact with youtube link, and PDF license which you received with audio file. (p.,s. if it does not get cleared within 24 hours, contact me directly :

Wow! Cool track!