Simple Clean Logo

Simple Clean Logo

A modern, smooth, clean, abstract warm and catchy logo, perfect for your company logo, as an ident or opener.

Four versions are included:
  • Long 0:10 (no sound FX)
  • Short 0:05 (no sound FX)
  • Long with SFX 0:10 (with sound FX)
  • Short 2 0:07 (no sound FX)

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    This track has been used in the following video templates on videohive:

                    Flipping Plates Logo Reveal Pack from BlackEyeDCat

                    Internet search logo from DTarchevsky

                    Quick Logo Sting Pack 11: Clean & Minimal by Creattive

                    Clean Corporate Logo Reveal from iphonevolt1

                    Search Logo Reveal from PotatosProduction

                    Ripple Effect Logo Intro from NickolasM

                    Xtrail | Logo Stings from VersaStock

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