Short Logo

Short Logo

‘Short Logo’ is a modern, electronic and smooth audio logo/ident.

It’s suitable as a logo, ident, notification sound or opener for your company, your blog, for any kind of presentations or videos on your website, youtube, cinema or tv and any other application.

Three versions are included:
  • Version A 0:07
  • Version B 0:07
  • Version C 0:07
    Each version provides slightly different wooshes, espeacally regarding the panning.

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    This track has been used in the following video templates on videohive:

                    Quick Logo Sting Pack 07 : Energetic Patrticles from Creattive

                    Flat Logo Pack 2 from Creattive

                    Minimal Logo Reveal Pack from BoxMotion

                    Minimal Logo Reveal from hirilab

                    Clean Logo Reveal from Digitalpaper

                    Quick Logo Reveal Pack from Huwastudio

                    Shapes Logo from Strixstudio

                    Minimal Logo Pack from RISEFX

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    Customers using my music:

    All kind of known and unknown companies like Sony Mobile, McDonald’s, Qatar Airlines, many Youtubers, NGO’s, filmmakers, photographers, video editors all around the world, global organizations like the World Health Organization, etc…