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Beautiful track! Really warm and natural, great acoustic sound. Will be a bestseller for sure :)

Thanks so much Eric! Been a little apprehensive about delving into the world of acoustic music, but you’ve just installed some confidence in me! Lol :-)

Nice work as always. I think the videohive guys will eat this one up.

Thanks mate! Haha, yes, I do hope so – either that or it’ll sink to the bottom of infinity! ;)

yes the randomness of one track selling and another not selling can sometimes be maddening on audiojungle. Sometimes there is no telling and no figuring this place out. Best of luck anyway!

Great song! love this one ;)

Thanks for the kind words Ilya! Glad you like it! :)

Love your sounds! :) Love your great portfolio!

Thanks so much! That’s most kind of you. Thanks for listening! :)

Fantastic! My 2nd purchase in a row from AlumoAudio..

Thanks so much Rachin! It’s most appreciated and works superbly on your video! All the best! -Matt

Great work on this one, Matt! Very easy to listen to :)

Cheers, definitely one of my more laid back numbers! 8-)