Cyber futuistic technolgical intense cinematic background music track. Perfect for speculative fiction, imaginative concepts advanced science and technology, cyberpunk, innovations space exploration, time travel, and extraterrestrial life, trailers, film, dramatic news, footage, documentary, movie teasers, animation, TV media content.

Suitable for use in the following thematic projects: сyberspace, virtual reality, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, robot, post-apocalyptic fiction, syndicate, nanotechnology, nanotech disambiguation, origins, implant, quantum physics, genetic engineering.

Comes with: (Full Version), (Short Version_A/B), (Ambient Version) and (Piano and FX Version) – shorts for your convenience.

Zip archive contains

Sci-Fi (Full Version) – 2:02

Sci-Fi (Short Version_A) – 1:14

Sci-Fi (Short Version_B) – 0:58

Sci-Fi (Ambient Version) – 2:02

Sci-Fi (Piano and FX Version) – 0:58

Delivered in both wave and mp3 format.

Dear friends, any adjustments, changes and variations to my music are possible. For your convenience.

YouTube Users: to clear any copyright claims on your videos (including monetized videos), simply visit this page, enter your details and video link and copy/paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate into the message box. Claims are removed within 24 – 96 hours.

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