Science Kit

Science Kit


Science Kit - 1

Science Kit is an ambient background for scientific, technology, medical and other corporate projects.

Original track:

Kit version includes:
11 “no tails” versions allowing you to easily snap them on the grid according to the beat and tempo of the track
11 matching “tails” versions with natural endings to make more smooth transitions where needed
3 demo arrangements combined of these versions to get you started more quickly
all files are WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit)

Song sections:
01_Intro (0:20) – Intro where all background instruments start playing
02_Verse (0:20) – Intro rhythm and groove plus guitar melody above
03_Chorus (0:20) – Even more development and instruments are being added
04_Bridge (0:20) – Breakdown section with minimum of instruments
05_Verse (0:20) – Slightly changed verse
06_Chorus (0:20) – Another version of chorus
07_Intro_Half (0:10) – First half of intro section of the track
08_Verse_Half (0:10) – First half of verse section of the track
09_Chorus_Half (0:10) – First half of chorus section of the track
10_Bridge_Half (0:10) – First half of bridge section of the track
11_Outro (0:05) – Final chord with fade out

Demo tracks:
Demo_01 (01:32) (is made up of parts – 1 3 4 6 11)
Demo_02 (01:12) (is made up of parts – 4 6 1 11)
Demo_03 (00:51) (is made up of parts – 3 1 11)