Sad Ambient Soundscape Kit

Sad Ambient Soundscape Kit

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Piano Sad | Ambient Atmosphere | Emotional Meditation

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Sad Ambient Soundscape Kit

A calm, atmospheric ambient track. Sad, brooding, melancholic mood, slow tempo – a perfect combination for a meditative and brooding mood. A lot of pad backing combined with classic orchestral instruments and noise effects. This music is ideal if you want to convey a calm mood and immerse yourself in a state of reflection and meditation.

Original track is here: Sad Ambient Soundscape

List of tracks that included of this kit:

All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails

01_Intro1 (0:24)
02_Intro2 (0:24)
03_Intro3 (0:24)
04_PartA1 (0:24)
05_PartA2 (0:24)
06_PartA3 (0:24)
07_PartA4 (0:24)
08_PartA5 (0:24)
09_PartB1 (0:24)
10_PartB2 (0:24)
11_PartB3 (0:24)
12_PartC1 (0:24)
13_PartC2 (0:24)
14_PartC3 (0:24)
15_PartC4 (0:48)
16_PartD1 (0:24)
17_PartD2 (0:24)
18_PartD3 (0:24)
19_PartD4 (0:24)
20_Outro1 (0:24)
21_Outro2 (0:24)

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:

Demo 1 (2:06)
Demo 2 (3:18)
Demo 3 (4:54)

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Additional Information:

  • For Buyers: If you have any questions, be sure to contact me! And it would be cool if you could take a moment to rate your purchase! Thank you!
  • For VideoHive Authors: If you are looking to use my music in your projects, just download any of my watermarked tracks for free and use away! Just remember to email to me in the contact box so i can promote your work on my profile page as well. Thank you!
  • I am available for Freelance hire just write me a letter.


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