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Reverse Motion

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Ambient in reverse!

Reverse Motion is a slow and meditative track that will mesmerize your audience with its hypnotic atmosphere.

Specifically crafted so as to create a mysterious yet inviting atmosphere, this track will draw your audience in! They will embark on a journey of the mind that will lead them to a higher level of consciousness and receptiveness. Get your audience captivated, make them feel good about themselves so that they feel good about your project!

This track is building around several instruments playing backwards which create a lush and ethereal sonic scenery. A tonal percussive instrument, the Hang drum, plays the melody. Half way through, a solid beat comes in as well as deep piano. They seem to give some grounding and stability to the track and drive it forward.

With its luring sound, mysterious atmosphere and mellow groove, this track will be the perfect soundtrack to your conscious project!

Perfect for:

Background music for video projects such as, advertising, Timelapse videos, slow-motion, slow-mo, corporate presentations, slideshows, Youtube videos, urban themed videos, new technologies, product presentations, inspirational stories,...


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