Quiet Reflection

Quiet Reflection


A chilled out, relaxing ambient instrumental track.

This soothing instrumental track will help to sooth your listeners, and create an atmosphere of serenity and calm.

The track has a Trip-Hop (slow Hip Hop) feel, and features a lazy drum groove, rhodes piano, acoustic guitar, piano, strings, bass and sound FX.

This piece of music could be played in the background during meditation, or perhaps used in a thoughtful scene in a movie or documentary.

If you would like to commission a brand new piece of music, or have any questions regarding a particular track of mine here on Audiojungle, please get in touch. I always love to hear how my music is being used, so if you have recently purchased a track please feel free to drop me a line and let me know how you have used my music in your project. If you do wish to purchase one of my tracks, it would greatly appreciated if you could take time to rate it (...preferably 5 stars!).


Email: info@simonreidmusic.com
Web: www.simonreidmusic.com.

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