Quiet Evening KIT

Quiet Evening KIT

Quiet Evening KIT - 1

This track ideal for presentations, informative presentations, video introductions, corporate videos, sea and nature projects and video blogs, this lounge style, positive yet mellow theme combines simple piano movement, ambient strings, smooth cello and violin, gentle pizzicato strings to create a relaxing bed of sound. Select this track as the backing audio for your multimedia project and add a layer of soft and smooth warmth. Great with or without voiceover, this is a versatile and powerful piece of music.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used piano, cello, violin, strings pad, pizzicato strings, fx.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro01 (0:04) Short, main mood based

02_Intro02 (0:17) Main mood

03_Piano01 (0:17) Theme 01 in piano

04_Piano02 (0:17) Theme 02 in piano

05_Violin01_Cello01_Vibes01 (0:17) Theme 01 in violin, cello and vibes

06_Violin02_Cello02_Vibes02 (0:17) Theme 02 in violin, cello and vibes

07_Violin01_Piano01_Vibes01 (0:17) Theme 01 in violin, piano and vibes

08_Violin02_Piano02_Vibes02 (0:17) Theme 02 in violin, piano and vibes

09_Outro01 (0:17) Main mood based

10_Outro02 (0:04) Short, main mood based

11_EndTone (0:06) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 2:32

Demo02_Short – 1:36

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The pictures below show the mood of the track.

Quiet Evening KIT - 3

Quiet Evening KIT - 4

Quiet Evening KIT - 5

Quiet Evening KIT - 6