Expensive Brand Presentation Corporate

Expensive Brand Presentation Corporate

Beautiful corporate track in the style of commercials of the major companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, SONY and others. Comprised of quirky melody with supporting elements such as Bass, Synth arpeggio, Strings and Woodwinds, Harp, Piano and Various shakers. This track is guaranteed to sit perfectly in background without interrupting voice over or other sounds.

Perfect for use in:

  • Device or product presentation
  • TV advertisement
  • Innovation presentation
  • Commercial
  • Podcast
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Phone App
  • Technology presentation
  • Documentary
  • Holiday and Vacation Video
  • Software presentation
  • Viral Marketing Campaign
  • Home Video

Contains 5 versions for optimal flexibility:

  1. Presentation [60sec] – 1:06
  2. Presentation [120sec] – 2:07
  3. Presentation [120sec no strings] – 2:07
  4. Presentation [120sec no shaker] – 2:07
  5. Presentation [60sec no shaker] – 1:06

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