Pop Rock

Pop Rock

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My new soundtrack was created in cinematic pop-rock style.

I used electro-guitar, acoustic & bass guitar, drums and background pads.

The soundtrack was created for advertising, that need to catch the spirit of mood uplifting, happiness, fun, gladness. The soundtrack can be used in a film industry, suitable for the titular sound as well as for the sound for captions. This soundtrack is acceptable for different projects, where you looking for the energy, positive, good mood, happiness, fun, motivating and inspiring pop-rock. That’s exactly what you need for commercial and private projects.

I was recording this track in home conditions with I was using acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar, the rest of instruments were created by computer.

This track is exactly what you need in case you are searching for inspiring, positive sound with the good mood, upbeat music. This music will raise your vibration.

Be sure that this professionally created soundtrack “Uplifting” will be a perfect choice as a background of commercials, corporate films, beautiful inspiring and motivating videos, for you’re project videos from adventures or journeys,tourism, for the best memories and good mood, sport.

With this song your video will be fantastic, because this sound has a vital force, you will fill your self as on the top of the mounting, full of inspiration and close to the success.

The main idea of this sound is to be inspired, to be happy and to feel yourself at the wheel of your life & success, to feel that victory is close to you and you are full of energy and power to reach a wishes.

This pop-rock soundtrack can be used in video projects which bring a good mood, for example, a video of unforgettable journey or even a commercial advertising.

Be confident that this soundtrack can be used for commercial projects & corporate videos as well as for positive podcasts, advertising, presentations, films openings and TV shows.

A happy, summer, acoustic, upbeat, fun, optimistic, fresh, cheerful, joyful track with a folk sound.

Thank you in case you choose my soundtrack, enjoy it!


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